Dexion Pallet Racking

One of the more common warehouse storage systems is Dexion pallet racking. This is certainly a ‘buzzword’ in the industry and has become an eponym to describe any sort of pallet racking system. This is because Dexion was the original manufacturer of racking and therefore the name has just stuck!

A Range Of Systems

Slotted angle was one of the first systems manufactured by Dexion and was produced with the idea to replace wooden systems, It was a great replacement due to the superior strength, versatility and sleek design.

The two most common Dexion pallet racking systems are Mk3 (Speedlock) and P90. To know which type you have please send a photo of your racking to our experts who can identify it within minutes and then send over a fully comprehensive quotes so you can match to your existing racking.

Solutions To Suit You

We have many different sized Dexion components in stock which can be compiled together to suit the needs of your warehouse, factory, workshop or other facility. The sizes we have will suit both euro and standard pallets.

Dexion offer a Drive In pallet racking option. This allows you to make full use of the available space. It is an ideal solution if you store your materials in a First-in last-out basis.

If you are storing light duty materials, then why not look at the options Dexion have for shelving. Dexion Impex is a popular solution and we have stock of it in our warehouse in Shildon, County Durham.

We even offer second hand Dexion pallet racking accessories, such as beam locks, row spacers, floor fixings and more. This can completely transform your racking to make it a completely unique system for you!

Good Quality System

When we acquire new stock of used Dexion pallet racking, we carry out thorough quality check to the SEMA guidelines. This is stored inside our 45,000 sq. ft. warehouse, ready to deliver or install at any UK location.

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